Capsula de slabit

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Capsula de slabit Arpfarm

Capsula de slabit ArpFarm is made from 100% herbal product, so 100% natural. It combines Chinese traditional knowledge with modern technology to extract useful substances from fruits and plants that will help you to easily and safely get rid of extra pounds.


  • Nuca koncing (Juglans regia) - 18%
  • Garcinia morella fruit - 13%
  • Apples - 16%
  • Actinidia chinensis - 13%
  • Glucomannan - 12%
  • Helianthus tuberosus extract - 16%
  • Dioscorea esculenta extract - 12%

Using capsula de slabit you will succeed to escape the constant feeling of hunger, being replaced with a satiety feeling. Thus, you will decrease your appetite and you will not feel the need to eat as much. Other effects would be speed up metabolism and fat burning.

People who have used capsula de slabit have succeed to lose between 2 and 12 kg in one month. We advise you to seek medical advice before using capsula de slabit, do not exceed the recommended daily dose (1 / day), drink plenty of water and try to make sports.

Remember that capsula de slabit is a dietary supplement - it should not replace daily meals. In other words try to have a balanced diet.

Is recommended after 6 months of taking capsula de slabit to take a break of 3 months. In addition, is forbidden to take more than one pill per day.

Capsula de slabit Films

6 capsules x 5 films x 350mg.

Method of administration:
1 x 1 / day - Before or after breakfast - administration hour must be respected

Contraindications - these capsules are not indicated for:

  • children under 14 years
  • pregnant
  • those suffering from cardiovascular disease
  • diabetes or kidney disease

If you have tried capsula de slabit you are invited to share with us your results!


Moni - 5 stars - 29-08-2013
It really works!
Valentine - 5 stars - 22-08-2013
I lost weight very quickly and without problems. I'm pleased with the results!
Eva - 5 stars - 07-07-2013
Hajnalka Sipos - 5 stars - 05-07-2013
I've just ordered the second box of Capsula de Slabit.

I am really satisfied with the product. I cant tell you how happy I am for not feeling the terrible hunger that I used to. In the past month I lost 6 kg, its good!
Kostas Barbis - 5 stars - 03-07-2013
excellent product and excellent services
Mirela Brinza - 5 stars - 08-05-2013
Was verry good! i want 1 boxe more! i lost 6 kg :))) I didnt have any proablem
eva mo - 4 stars - 24-01-2013
the product is great.the first time i used it i lost 9 kilos and i wore clothes 2 sizes smaller!!
Christine - 5 stars - 11-01-2013
I tryed so many pills and diets....this is the best product and it has helped me loose 40 kg on a period of 5 months by reducing my appetite. 5 Star product.
Dan Reemes - 5 stars - 23-11-2012
With Capsula de slabit Arpfarm I lost 4 kg in 18 days. I'm 32 years old, 1.66 m tall and from 69.7 kg I lost to 65.7 kg.

Good luck to all
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